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About Us

About Us

About Us - The FemaleTradesperson.co.uk Team

FemaleTradesperson.co.uk is a growing online directory with a team of people, lead by Heather Thurlby. Her team are dedicated to the ethos and vision to support female-owned and run businesses in the construction industry.

Heather Thurlby – Founder and Managing Director

Heather has worked within the heating and engineering sector for over 15 years.

In 2018 she decided to start her journey by developing the idea of an online platform that would not only provide a dedicated directory for women in trade roles to promote their business and raise their visibility but provide key services, skills and information to support femaletradepseron.co.uk members to juggle the demands of running their business. 

Her vision is to create a directory platform, which profiles all FemaleTradesperson.co.uk members on an equal basis, there are no ratings on the platform that can give preferential positions. Every member gets the same coverage on the directory. Each member will be searchable by location and trade category. Every member has the opportunity to showcase their experience and work through sharing photos and reviews of their work on their profile. 

Why Was FemaleTradesperson.co.uk created?

It was created to promote and support female-owned and run businesses in the construction and built environment industry.

It was created to provide greater choice for those consumers who would prefer a female tradesperson.

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