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Are you looking for a Female Tradesperson? We have created a unique online directory for women working in the trade/construction industry to profile and promote their businesses.

Are You Looking for a Female Tradesperson Near You?

Then look no further, we have an array of female tradespeople in your area:  from plasterers and electricians to architects, building surveyors, environmental consultants and decorators, there are women across the UK providing trade services for your domestic and commercial projects.

A Growing Network of Female Tradespeople in The Construction industry

We are wanting to promote and support the growing network of women-owned and
run businesses in the construction and trade sectors. All our
directory members have been vetted and checked to ensure they have the relevant
insurances, qualifications and certifications, so you can engage with our members with
confidence in their professionalism, expertise and knowledge within their trade.

If you are a Female Tradesperson, then please take a look around our site, we offer more
than just a directory, you can access key business services, via our personally selected
business resource partners, who can offer you information, advice and guidance to
support the success of your business. – Our Vision

  • Part of the vision for is to become the leading platform within the trade industry to support and promote female-owned/run businesses.
  • To support our members to develop and manage successful businesses, by providing key business services and skills to support our directory members.
  • To work with organisations and industry bodies to promote the opportunities within the construction and built environment sectors for women, by helping to
    educate the general public about the great benefits, skills and career pathways available in the industry.
The construction and trades industry can be a tough place for any business. Plus there is a growing demand for consumers to support and hire a female tradesperson. So we are here to help connect consumers and women in the construction industry via our national UK directory.
Industry Expert

Our traders

Being a woman in the construction industry can present many barriers which we wish were not so prevalent. One of the challenges we are aware women in a trade can experience is difficulty in raising their skills, ability and businesses to the general public due to the immense competition and misconceptions in the industry by the general public.


Glass Designer UK

1610822550-glass1.jpg Worksop Nottinghamshire

Hannah is a proud independent glass production & designer company specialising in beautiful lead-free handmade fused glass items, creating unique gifts and glassware decorations, tableware and art glass, and custom stained glass commissions.


Country Landscape Designs

1610921268-country.jpg Kendal Cumbria

Creating thoughtfully-reimagined garden spaces with an extraordinary level of design and detail.


The paintbrush ladies

1610903156-paint.jpg Swindon Swindon

The Paintbrush Ladies, provide complete painter & decorator services for commercial & domestic work based around Swindon. No project is too big or small. We are a team of 4 including Sally our apprentice.